Short UK Horror-Hit ‘Bill’ – Now Free To Watch

Bill, the latest short horror film from UK indie outfit Sketchbook Pictures, is now available to watch for free on Film Shortage.

Here’s what director duo Dan Gitscham and Sophie Mair have to tell us about this brilliantly chilling 3-minute shocker:

“BILL is inspired by the first word of our eldest son as he stared at the ceiling babbling ‘Bill’. We asked ourselves ‘Who the fuck is Bill?’.

We shot the project in our house with a small crew of 6 over 8 hrs. The challenge was to see if we could come up with an engaging concept that is entirely shot in one location for as little money as possible.”

The budget was around £200, and the film premiered at the Encounters Short Film Festival back in 2019.

Be sure to check it out for yourself!

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