Free Online Filmmaking Webinars

We think education and experience sharing is critical in getting people off on the right foot at the start of their creative journeys. 

Our new series of free online webinars allow our members get to hear from and ask questions to experts in specific areas of the film industry.

To stay up to date on when our next session will be, please join as a free creator member, and you’ll be able to get your priority tickets before they’re released to the public.

Here’s some of what we’ve covered so far, and the full range of videos are available on the IHS Free Member Hub: 

How To Best Utilise Special & Visual FX On Low-Budget Projects

In the first part of our SFX & VFX webinar, IHS Pro member Stuart Sewell, a veteran SFX and VFX pro with over 30 years’ experience under his belt, takes the stage.

We talk about how to get the best bang-for-your-buck out of your budgets, how to most effectively work with SFX and VFX teams, and look at some of the most common pitfalls that filmmakers need to avoid from the outset.

This webinar is available to watch in the training section of the IHS Member Hub.

The Beginner's Guide To Film Budgeting

Hosted by Alex Durham, IHS Pro‘s community manager and independent film producer extraordinaire, this short session was designed to simplify and demystify the budgeting process.

Alex walked members step-by-step through his homemade and easy to use budget template, identifying the key areas you need to consider from the very start of pre-production, all the way through to your premiere.