Membership Questions

What Does Membership Get Me?

There are two strands to our free membership. Firstly, being a member gets you priority access to all of the fan-based events that we’ll be organising in the future (film screenings / quizzes / social gatherings etc). Secondly, we aim to help members that work (or hope to work) in the indie film and other creative industries too, by hosting networking events, helping with exposure through our channels, and more.

I’m Not Based In London, Is It Worth Me Joining?

Absolutely yes!  We want as many people from everywhere in the world involved, so we can create a totally unique horror community.  As we grow, events will start to pop up in areas where we have a high concentration of active members, so if people want us to do something near them, we can and will. It’s important to remember that this is YOUR community.  So if you have ideas on how we can make the society better, then we’ll always be listening.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

“Creator” and “Fan” membership to The Independent Horror Society is free.  And, just to be clear, we won’t be selling your data either to pay our bills.  Your email address and any other details we keep on file will NEVER be sold.  They will be stored safely and securely.

What is LHS Pro?

IHS Pro is our premier membership offering, that aims to help creatives of all experience levels and disciplines being their ideas to life. It can not only help writers, filmmakers and any other creative individuals find others to work and collaborate with, but also help demystify and simplify some of the more complex and time-consuming areas of the creative industry too.
And not only that, it aims to help both aspiring and seasoned professionals develop their talents by learning from those at the very top of their game — in every corner of the creative industries. Click here to learn more about IHS Pro

Will You Be Emailing Me?

We’ll email you as a member to inform you of any upcoming events that we have in the pipeline.  We also have two regularly-released newsletters that will inform you of any new films or that have been brought to our attention (in particular the films that you won’t hear about through the normal channels) that we think you all would like.  We’ll also keep you in the loop on any other horror-based news that we think is relevant to you.

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