Korean Festival Smash-Hit SLEEP Comes To Raindance 2024

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We’re delighted to be able to announce that our friends at The Raindance Film Festival will be hosting the London Premiere of SLEEP, a film by first-time filmmaker Jason Yu. The film is coming to London after a long run in film festivals, among which excels Cannes.

The Raindance Film Festival hosts Sleep

A happily married couple, Hyun-su and Soo-jin, peaceful lives are disrupted by the disturbing nocturnal behaviour of Hyun-su. As they strive to unravel the horrifying secret of the inexplicable actions that occur during his sleep, the film delves into the efforts of these two individuals.

Stellar performances from Lee Sun-kyun and Jung Yu-mi crystallize the feature’s genuinely fearful aspects – authentic and impactful tension, nightmarish visuals and a freshly original narrative which embeds Sleep within the iconic scope of South Korean horror cinema.

Don’t miss this outstanding film, debuting at Curzon Soho on 20 June at 6pm. You can book your tickets now by clicking this link.

Or, if you’d like to see what else the 32nd edition of the Raindance Film Festival has to offer this year, you can now grab a festival pass. What’s more, the team have made it possible for IHS members and readers to get 10% off the cost of passes (excluding the House Of Raindance).

Simply head here and use the code RDFF24 at the checkout to apply your discount.

We really hope you enjoy it!

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