The premium service from The Independent Horror Society that helps genre filmmakers, writers, cast and crew of all levels take their projects to new heights.

IHS Pro is designed to be the ultimate creative solution to not only help you find co-conspirators to work and collaborate with

…but to also help you navigate some of the more complex and time-consuming areas of the industry, with a range of perks and tools.

And now you can give the gift of IHS Pro to the horror superfan in your life from just £4.99!

What Do IHS Pro Members Get?

First and foremost, they’ll get access to our special IHS Pro members-only website, which will be where you find all of the your main perks of membership:

  • Priority and heavily discounted tickets to all of our events: As an IHS Pro member, you get first dibs on tickets to all of our events, and at a heavily discounted price! You’ll also be able to get an invitation to our top-secret IHS Pro-member-only socials (including our next which is scheduled for Tuesday 19th December!)
  • Access To The Private IHS Pro Discord Server. Here you’ll Get real-time help and advice on your projects from the IHS team, and talk to your fellow Pros to share news about what you’re working on. You’ll also be able to find other people to collaborate with too!
  • Full access to the IHS Directory: Although it’s still brand-new and growing, you’ll have the ability to fully search and contact all of the listings of your fellow horror creatives!
  • Personal advice from the experienced IHS production team: Get expert guidance and feedback on any issues or problems you’re facing with your project, from pre-production to post-production.
  • Get feedback on your work in the Pro Writers’ Room. Share your work within our secure channels, using an easy-to-use process that keeps your work as protected as possible. Then, each month we’ll be hosting a private live video chat where our close-knit group can constructively critique what has been submitted.
  • Increase awareness about your project, crowdfunder, or advertise for help by getting a free advertising slot inside an issue of our free member newsletters, received by over 1,500 horror fans and professionals!
  • Find cheaper locations with the Pro Location Tool. This tool currently contains a grow
  • Get special discounts from our IHS Pro Partners. Link up with our preferred list of industry partners saving you time and money when shopping around for the best insurance cover, kit package, or whatever else you might need. We’ve arranged some exclusive special offers and packages too, including being able to use the legendary casting platform Backstage to hunt for key talent for free!
  • Plus much more! including access to the full back catalogue of Master Q&A’s, training videos, and a weekly news digest email, keeping you fully up to date with the key industry stories that have occurred over the past week.

What Our Members Have Said About Us…

“As a composer who’s been increasingly drawn to the Horror genre(s), IHS Pro has been a boon. I quickly expanded my network to the extent I received a commission within a few months. The screen-writing workshops, shooting and production advice really give you an insight into the life-cycle of film making. Attending festivals with like-minded colleagues and friends makes the events even more memorable!”

– Rob W. Composer, London.

“IHS Pro has definitely helped me to develop my career as a filmmaker, whilst also connecting me with likeminded people and been a way for me to make new friends. It’s been great to be part of such a lovely community of horror fans and filmmakers who will go out of their way to help and support each other.”

– J.B. Writer/Director, Manchester.

“IHS Pro has been such a positive, welcoming, and useful community for me as a horror filmmaker. I’ve connected with collaborators directly through the platform, received in depth feedback on my scripts, made a film in 66 hours, and loved chatting all things horror over too many pints at the socials – all because of the IHS. Worth every penny.”

– Lucy F, Writer/Director, London.

“IHS Pro has connected me to the greatest creatives in Horror, from established talent to the undiscovered gems ready to break through. Its one big family elevating each-other and the easiest way to expand your creative network.”

– Craig T. CG Supervisor (Interstellar, Annihilation), Bournemouth.

“I wanted to find a community that shared my love for horror and attend a few events. But IHS ended up being so much more. I discovered a new passion for writing, with endless support and encouragement from all members, and made some great new friends along the way.”

– S.R. Writer/Director, London.

We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished here inside IHS Pro already, and we promise to take good care of your loved one!

How Much Does Access To IHS Pro Cost?

Small Print:

1. If you select the 1-month option, your card will be charged £4.99 for your first month of service. At the end of your first month, your subscription will automatically renew at £4.99 every month unless cancelled.

2. If you select the 2-year option, your card will be charged £79 for your first two years of service. At the end of your second year, your subscription will automatically renew at £79 every two years unless cancelled.

3. If you select the 1-year option, your card will be charged £49 for your first year of service. At the end of your first year, your subscription will automatically renew at £49 annually unless cancelled.

You may cancel your membership at any time. Please note that your initial subscription fee is non-refundable on all terms.