Film Network Speed Pitching

Calling all horror fans, filmmakers and people with a passion for collaboration!

As part of The Independent Horror Society’s commitment to being the loudest voice for independent horror in the UK, we are constantly working hard at developing a programme of content, opportunities and services that will help make your filmmaking ideas a reality.

And that’s exactly how our hugely popular online Film Network Speed Pitching sessions were born.

Some of our superb participants from our very first event!
These fun, friendly and free online events are designed to bring likeminded people together, to collaborate on genre filmmaking projects. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your experience level! Our Speed Pitching events are held roughly every quarter, with our next one now set for Tuesday, 7th May at 7:30pm.  If you’d like to be notified when the next date is announced then please join as a creator member for free today you’ll be amongst the first to know!

How does speed pitching work?

Attendees will have the opportunity to grab a 90 second slot to pitch their project to the rest of the group. This will include their idea and what/who they are looking for to make it happen.

For example, maybe you’re a filmmaker who needs an actor with a fighting skill, a make-up specialist, or even just an extra pair of hands who happens to have a van. Just condense exactly what you’re looking for down into a 90 second snippet and see who bites.

Or perhaps you’re an individual who is looking to offer their services to the group or ask for something specific you are looking to do. For example, a sound designer can pitch their expertise, or a writer might ask for an opportunity to shadow a director on set.

One important thing to mention is that we realise the idea of public speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And if this sounds like you, then don’t worry – we have you covered. Simply send us your pitch beforehand, and we’ll read it out for you.

And of course, you’re welcome to stop by just to observe and listen to the pitches. We want everyone to be as comfortable an unpressured as possible!

Last thing to note is that each individual pitch will be numbered, and once the event is over, any participant who would like to connect with someone else simply needs to tell us which pitch/pitches they’d like to respond to. We’ll then go ahead and start the ball rolling for you!

Who Is this open to?

Film Network Speed Pitching is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in creating horror — whether you are a fully-fledged professional already, a fan who is looking to take their first steps into a new career, or perhaps you simply want to keep your eyes on what new projects are in the works!

Everyone is welcome, and what’s more, it’s absolutely free to attend.