Crypto Crowdfunding For The Dead Of Winter Launches On Brand New Platform

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Horror/thriller The Dead of Winter, by writer/director Stephen Graves, is the first film to launch on esteemed UK film financier Goldfinch’s brand-new crypto crowdfunding platform FF3.

The film focusses on the current homelessness crisis and the plight of rough sleepers through the lens of a classic ghost story, while tackling themes of privilege, social responsibility, guilt and the “fear of the other”. The project is currently on the FF3 platform and raising will end on 31st January.

Learn more about FF3 and back The Dead of Winter here

FF3 is an extension of Goldfinch’s First Flights funding programme for emerging and established indie filmmakers. Since its inception, First Flights has connected with over 3,600 filmmakers and produced eight short films in 18 months.

FF3 will offer creators access to the new financing frontier by creating an easily navigable platform where filmmakers can raise crowdfunding and leverage new technologies while retaining creative and financial control of their work.

Rewards for the crypto crowdfunding of The Dead of Winter on FF3

FF3 will allow The Dead of Winter and other similar projects to allocate tokens to patrons who provide them with funding.

Token holders will get access to tiers of rewards that will include various NFTs, including Film Title Badges, 3D Scene Stamps, Film Posters, Director Note Scripts, NFTs of the film’s Score and exclusive community access to director and producer Q&As.

Patrons will also be able to trade their tokens and NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea, with creators able to share in future revenues of profitable trades.

In addition, patrons can be allocated ownership in the underlying IP rights of the project, with the revenues due back to the production divided between filmmakers and patrons.

This new platform from the independent entertainment studio and financier aims to offer three primary benefits to filmmakers: transparency of ownership and revenues through the blockchain, access to untapped crypto funds, and the creation and resale potential of NFTs.

As limited edition NFTs can be sold on marketplaces, with a portion of sales going back to the filmmaker, this creates a new monetisation channel which didn’t exist before and will grow with the film’s popularity

You can learn how to support independent films on FF3 using cryptocurrency, tokens and NFTs here

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