Jennifer Dale Apel: Content Manager / Editor

Hailing from California, Jenn moved to the UK in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the horror community.

Her first introduction to horror was peeking over the couch as her older brothers watched Stephen King’s IT when it premiered on TV in 1990. Even though the thought of killer clowns scarred her for years, she was hooked. Luckily her dad was also a fan and introduced her to the more child-friendly Universal classics at a young age. 

In 2019, Jenn graduated from London Metropolitan University as a “mature” student in Film & TV studies. Every essay she could possibly write on horror, she did – including her dissertation on children in Spanish Horror.

She has worked on a few independent horror projects as a script supervisor, editor, and researcher and loves what the community of indie horror in the UK. 

Occasionally, you can see Jenn’s writing on the IHS website, and she enjoys trying to test your horror knowledge with the quizzes

Jenn’s Favourite Horror Film: The Orphanage

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