Writing team: Harry Stagg

Harry is the IHS’s youngest writer at just 15. He was introduced to horror from an early age by his dad, Chris. Technically, his first introduction to horror was when his dad accidentally started to watch The Silence of the Lambs when Harry was next to him as a baby! But his first intentional horror was Hammer’s 1958 Dracula. Now his favourite types of horror film are zombies, slashers and paranormal genres.

Harry loves horror gaming, scare mazes, books, comics and merchandise including collecting horror t shirts, Funko Pops and figures. When he’s not watching horror, he enjoys writing fiction, making art and thinking up horror cosplay ideas.

Currently, Harry is trying to decide what to do After GCSE’s, but is hoping for a career in the horror industry either in gaming, special effects or writing.

Harrys favourite horror film: Insidious Chapter 2

Writer Harry Stagg dressed in a black robe and dark horror makeup.

Harry's Most recent Articles:

Computer animation of a person holding up a torch, looking at lots of huge spiders in the foggy distance. Still from the game Grounded.

Game Review: Grounded

I enjoy survival games, but they are not usually my go to type. However, when I first loaded up Grounded, I was...

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