Writing team: Ed Hartland

Ed is a writer (visionary, dreamweaver, plus actor) from one of the only known gateways to hell: the London suburbs.

As well as writing for LHS, he’s co-presenter of the Hermanos of Horror podcast and co-writer of horror-comedy When the Screaming Starts which premiered at FrightFest in 2021 (and is available to buy and rent now!).

Ed’s Favourite horror film: Scream (although it was a hard battle between this, The Exorcist and Get Out)

ED's Most recent Articles:

In a graveyard, a woman stands behind a man who is casually smoking a cigarette. She is holding a shovel with a look of angry determination on her face. Still from Fennel.

Short Film Review: Fennel

Eerie is the word used by director, Brian Brennan, when describing the script for Fennel. The word that comes to mind, to...

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An aerial shot of George Romero surrounded by zombies. He is looking at the camera.

My Top 5 Zombies

If you’re reading this and hoping for a list of the top five undead, human-consuming individuals then I’m sorry to disappoint—this is...

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Book Review: Wayward

Chuck Wendig is braver than me. This isn’t because we’ve both faced off against some Lovecraftian entity and I ran screaming while...

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