Writing team: Cat Dunn

A horror fanatic from the age of 7, Cat was born and bred in North East England before her travels took her to Australia.
Cat has been writing for The London Horror Society since May 2016 and was previously Editor.
A trained writer and performer, Cat is a professional scare actor who has haunted her way through award-winning attractions across the globe.
When she’s not scaring the innocent, Cat can be found attending horror conventions, devouring creature features, and fan-girling over Leigh Whannell.
Cat’s favourite horror film: The Loved Ones (although Freddy Krueger is her soulmate)

Cat's Most recent Articles:

Film Review: Evil Dead Rise

By: Cat Dunn Another day, another franchise reboot. It’s been 10 years since the 2013 remake of Evil Dead (which I thoroughly...

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Film Review: Scream VI

By: Cat Dunn If, like me, you loved Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, I reckon you’ll get a kick...

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Film Review: Feed Me

If you’ve seen the trailer for Feed Me, you’re probably thinking it looks batshit crazy. And you’re right. But that’s not all…...

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