We are The Independent Horror Society

We’re an incredibly passionate group of creatives who are committed to providing top quality services, products and events to better help our members love, create and share horror.

We are proud to have over 1,500 members from all over the country, and host a number of in-person and online events that we hope will help us move towards our vision:

To ensure that through collaboration, education and inspiration, every person with a creative dream has the opportunity to bring it to life and share it with a loving audience. 

A picture from one of our first indie horror screening evenings from back in 2016

The IHS was originally formed in 2013 (as The London Horror Society) as a place for like-minded fans to get together and check out the newest horror films at the cinema together.

But as we grew, we found more and more independent filmmakers who were creating fantastic content with next to no budget. And, having been infected by their enthusiasm and determination, we decided to do all we could to help make sure that every creative horror project — be them shorts, features, theatre productions or stories — had a chance to find its people.

After all, why should it just be the big studio releases that get all the media attention and hype, just because they have deeper pockets?

Fast forward to today and we’ve screened and premiered hundreds of grassroots films to passionate audiences, brought collaborators together, and helped first-time creators, cast and crew get the help and support they need to start their journeys. 

And then in November 2023, we became the Independent Horror Society to better reflect our commitment to horror creators countrywide, as opposed to just London.  

So whether you’re a horror super-fan, a seasoned industry professional or someone looking to dip their toes into creating their own project, we’d love to welcome you inside.

Here’s a little of what we can offer:

For The Fans:

Become a member for free today and stay at the forefront of all horror news, reviews and insights. You’ll also gain access to our event calendar which highlights the best in-person and online horror-related events from inside and outside the IHS.

What’s more, you’ll also be eligible for special competitions and priority access to tickets for our screening nights, where you can sample some incredible short and feature length independent films from some of the best up and coming film makers around.

For Creators:

We’re here to support the creation of low budget, independent film making and everyone involved in doing so. You can become a creator member for free today, and gain access to a range of helpful perks, including:
  • Our fortnightly Creator Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with upcoming local networking events, important industry news and other key updates that we think you need to be aware of.
  • Priority tickets to our hugely popular Speed Pitching sessions and our other online creative seminars.
  • 50% off submissions to our Indie Film Showcases.
  • The chance to submit your film or other project for review
  • Access to our Product Centre, which reviews and rates all the top industry tools, from Screenwriting software, all the way through to the high-end VFX packages.