The London Horror Society Evolves into 'The Independent Horror Society' for a United community Experience Across the UK

We are proud to be able to finally announce that as of today, we are rebranding ourselves as The Independent Horror Society!

This name change reflects our evolution beyond the boundaries of London and our commitment to uniting horror lovers from across the UK and beyond.

The Loudest Voice For Independent horror in the UK

The Independent Horror Society is a fast-growing and inclusive hub for all UK horror fans and creatives to come together and share the love of our favourite genre.

Become a Fan Member today and stay at the forefront of all horror news, reviews and insights. You’ll also gain access to our event calendar which highlights the best in-person and online horror-related events.

What’s more, you’ll also be eligible for special discounts on tickets for our screening nights, where you can sample some incredible short and feature length independent films from some of the best up and coming film makers around.

How We Help Filmmakers and other creators

We’re here to support the creation of independent film, theatre, audio and literary projects, and everyone involved in doing so!

You can become a creator member for free today, and gain access to a range of helpful perks, including: Access to our Product Centre, which reviews and rates all the top industry tools, a free copy of our guide: 5 Essential Tips For New Filmmakers, the chance to submit your film or other project for review, and priority access to tickets to our Speed Pitching events, and online seminars.

We have the IHS Directory, which will help connect current and aspiring professionals from every corner of the genre. Whether you’re a film crew member or fledgling writing talent, we want to bring you together with everyone else who has a passion for all things spine-chilling and macabre.

Adding a listing inside the IHS Directory is 100% free to all. You’ll then be searchable to all of the members inside IHS Pro, our premium subscription service stacked full of passionate horror fans, professionals, and industry insiders who actively seek out both seasoned and new collaborators.


The London Horror Society has been committed to exploring and developing new ways for grassroots filmmakers to gain access to funding for their projects. And we are delighted to be able to announce our partnership with the much-loved blockchain horror game developer FEAR, on a brand-new funding initiative: The FEAR Horror Incubator. 

The FEAR Incubator will be investing up to $50,000 (approximately £40,000) in a slate of UK-produced short horror films, with filmmakers being invited to apply for up to $10,000 (approximately £8,000) of funding for each. 

First wave applications are now CLOSED, and we will alert LHS members if and when we are able to reopen for a second round.   

the 666 film challenge

Taking place on the last bank holiday weekend in May, The 666 Film Challenge dares filmmakers to create a short horror film of no more than six minutes and sixty-six seconds in length.

Participants in the challenge will be given a theme, and from there, it’s up to them to come up with a unique and original story that will chill viewers to the bone. The films are judged by a panel of industry experts, and the winners receive prizes and recognition for their work!

the LHS Halloween Party 2023!

The rumours are indeed true! On Friday, 27th October, we are hosting our very first Halloween Party at The Glitch Bar/Joiner on Worship. So prepare yourselves for a night of horror, fluorescent lights, and spooky-seasonal delights as we dig into a Neon Horror theme…

There will be a costume contest, cocktails, a banging playlist, and even access to a retro arcade upstairs for those looking to revisit some old-school repetitive strain injury in their wrists and fingers…

What’s more, LHS members on a free tier get £2 off tickets — and LHS Pro members get a full 50% off! Please click the button below to grab your ticket now, and your discount codes are now live on the LHS member hubs.

Our Premier Membership service: IHS Pro

IHS Pro is our premier service that aims to not only help filmmakers and other creatives find people to work and collaborate with

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